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Vibro Dryer

Driers important if parts are to be painted or plated. Vibro Dryer is used for drying of wet components. The dryer is filled with water absorbing media like corncob. The wet components when tumbled with corncob, it gets nice wiping action and Stain Free Drying is achieved. Longer process time here enhances luster of the components. The time cycle can be infinitely varied after which the unload flap is flipped into position and parts are discharged via the unloading screen. The cob remains in the bowl.

Bhalani Industries range of driers ensures parts dry stain and corrosion free following the mass finishing process. This is particularly important if parts are to be painted or plated as a final operation. Driers are an essential part of the complete mass finishing solution.

Feature :

  •       Continuous / recirculatory operation.
  •       Can be automated and added onto the total system.
  •       Variable speed controller.
  •       Sound and dust control lids.
  •       Rugged heavy duty special vibratory motor.
  •       In built separation arrangement.

Model :

“BHALANI” Vibro Dryer Machine Motors are manufacture by us. Motor power supply is 3 Ph. 440 V 50 Hz.

Model Machine Capacity   Motor HP
BVD 30 30 Lit. 750 0.50
BVD 60 60 Lit. 900 1
BVD 120 120 Lit. 1020 2
BVD 200 200 Lit. 1150 2
BVD 300 300 Lit. 1300 3
BVD 430 400 Lit. 1460 5
BVD 600 600 Lit. 1600 5