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  •       You can send the material to us for free trial; we offer trial facility for following machine.
  •       Separation Machine ( Vibro Screen, Vibrating Screen, Destoner & Roto shifter).
  •       Finishing Machine ( Vibro Finishing Machine STD / Auto Disc., Tub Vibrator).
  •       For machines trial can be given subject to availability of machine under production. Please contact us to confirm the status of machine availability for trial.
  •       You are requested to inform us 1 week in advance to make arrangements.
  •       Material should be sent freight prepaid, door delivered to our factory address.
  •       You should send a certificate mentioning the commercial value of product & the product is being sent for trial purpose only.

Services :

In order to fully satisfy the Clients' requests, the company Bhalani Industries offers two services of fundamental importance:

Pre-sales consultancy

After-sales service

The pre-sales consultancy puts Bhalani Industries experience at the customer’s disposal: each single project is elaborated in accordance with requirements and limits of the clients. We provide Project Consultancy, Plant Design & Structure Design.

The after-sales service represents the long-term guarantee for the investment of the customers has made by purchasing a Bhalani Industries machine or plant. We not only provide original spare parts on demand, but also an on-call service to ensure a prompt arrangement of the service team. We provide Onsite Service & Online Service.

Support :

Bhalani Industries Provide Onside Support & Online Support.
On site Support : Guidance and Implementation of Business Practices, Troubleshooting in existing setups.
  •       Installation & Commissioning
  •       Plant Maintenance & Services
  •       Practical Project Execution Know-how Reports

Online Support : We provide online solution through Internet, we provide online movie for machine start, machine maintenance, etc.

We also provide training to your staff for machine start, machine maintenance.
You can contact us for your feed back & complaint.
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