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Bhalani Industries are Manufacturer of Good Quality Pulverizers like Hammer Mill, Disc Mill, and Impact Pulverizer. The pioneer in the field meets your needs for variety of applications through a chain of processes such as Pre – Crushing to micro fine grinding, grading and handling of bulk powder materials with almost dust less operations. We attach due importance to critical parameters such as top cut size and grade distribution of powder, power consumption and minimum running maintenance for the equipment.

Hammer Mill :

Bhalani Industries are one of the leaders in Hammer mill Manufactures in India. Hammer Mills also known as Hammer Crushers. Bhalani Industries Hammer Mill is an integrated, compact three in one unit, which executes three operations Grinding, Sieving & Collecting. It cools grinds anything grind able to a specified degree of fineness in one operation, using less power than a friction type grinder. Designed for high output, reliable performance and minimum of wear & tear, Bhalani hammer mill is a proven profitable proposition for your industry. Combination of different hammer styles, liner plates, sieve inserts and wear resistance technology offer almost unlimited possibilities of crushing lumpy, bulky, irregularly shaped, hard & fibrous materials, into coarse to medium fine powders. Hammer Mills are deigned for Rubber, Salt, Feed and Fibre operation.

Impact Pulverizer

Bhalani Industries are manufactured pulverizer from the best raw material available. The main body of the machine such as Base Plate, Grinding Chamber, Whizzer Cone & the Blower are made of cast iron. Every portion which comes in contact while grinding the material is lined with steel plates. The circumference of the grinding chambers which comes in impact with the material is lined with Hard C.I. replaceable liners to ensure a long life of the machine & to protect it from wear & tear.

Bhalani Industries Impact pulveriser is an ideal unit for grinding all types of soft & hard non-abrasive minerals such as; Talc, Soapstone, Dolomite, Calcite, Barite and similar minerals. The mesh size varies from 60 to 500 meshes. It is also used in pesticides formulation, for grinding of dry chemicals.

Disc Mill

Bhalani Industries Disc Mill Typical Applications of the Grinding Varieties of these Granulated Material Including high and low density plastics like: Ldpe, Lldpe, Rpvc, pc, abs, eva, ps, etc.

The Disc is made from Graded Material tested quality and dynamically balanced for smooth running. Inspection windows (2 nos.) Are provided on both side of mill body for visually checking the Disk Gap and Assist the gap setting.

The ground material can be conveyed by blower through cyclone collector, which is installed with Rotary Air Lock Valve on Gyro Screen, which Screens the material and coarse material in REFED into DISCMILL for further grinding. The FINE and acceptable material is collected in DRUMS/Bags. Complete System is installed on Steel Frame.

Several options are available to simplify the cleaning process.