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About Us

Bhalani Industries has Professionals in separation, vibration & surface finishing Technology. The Company has excelled itself as a manufacturer of separation machinery like Gyro Screen, Vibrating Screen, Liquid & Powder Filling Machine, Destoner, Air Separator, Roto sifter, Grain Cleaner. Also Manufacturing in Finishing, Deburring & Polishing Machine like standard vibro finishing & auto discharge vibro finishing machine, vibro dryer, Tub vibrater, Vibro Separator.

Bhalani Industries also manufacturing domestic & industrial water pump like self priming pump, centrifugal pump, submersible pump. We are manufacturing A.C. electric motor & gear motor.

Product Portfolio : Bhalani Industries engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of quality Screening, Vibratory Finishing Machines, Material Handling Equipments, Water Pumps, Electric Motors.

Following are the products offered by us :


  Category   Products
  Screening Machine
  •       Vibro Screen
  •       Gyro Screen
  •       Inline Vibro Screen
  •       Roto Shifter
  •       Vibrating Screen
  •       Magnetic Separator
  Vibratory Finishing Machine
  •       Vibro Finishing Machine
  •       Auto Separation Finishing Machine
  •       Trough Vibrator
  •       Vibro Separator
  •       Vibro Dryer
  •       Media & Compound
  Industrial Equipment
  •       Water Pump
  •       Ribbon Blender (Mixer)
  •       Screw Convenor
  •       Electric Motor
  •       Pulverizer
  •       Rotary Airlock Valve
  Liquid & Powder Filling Machine
  •       Auger Powder Filler Machine
  •       Automatic Liquid Filling Machine
  •       Semi – Auto Liquid Filling Machine
  •       Capping Machine
  •       Labelling Machine
  •       Machine Spare Parts

Infrastructure :

Bhalani Industries has adequate own resource to Manufacturing good quality machine & handle the project. Administration: Administration is handled by a Mechanical Engineer & Electric Engineer a having experience in the field of manufacturing, Q.c., Maintenance, Design and Co-ordination.

Workshop : We have good & enough working area for manufacturing machine; we have highly experience worker & inspection team.

Equipments : Company has access to Quality mother machines to make product reliable and consistent.

Vision :

Bhalani Industries Strength has always rested on the following four pillars.

  •        Research and Development
  •        Engineering
  •        Quality Control
  •        Marketing

In the wake of globalization high quality fast deliveries for made to order products and attractive prices are the order of the day. This is achieved through tight control & standardization of manufacturing process, implementing Quality system and last but not least commitment to customer satisfaction.